Leviathan – Scott Westerfeld

In this alternate history of World War I it’s the Darwinists against the Clankers. The British and French are Darwinists, who use genetically-engineered beasts in all parts of their lives. Their war machines are living, breathing organisms. The Germans and Austrians are Clankers, who put their faith in machines. Aleksandar Ferdinand, the 15-year-old Austrian Prince, is on the run in a Stormwalker with a few trusted men, after both his father the Archduke and mother have been assassinated. Meanwhile in another part of the world, Deryn Sharp, disguised as a boy, has joined the British Air Service. She serves on the Leviathan, a massive biological airship that resembles an enormous flying whale. When the Leviathan crashes in Switzerland the two teens cross paths and suddenly the line between ally and enemy becomes blurred. This steampunk adventure is full of action and suspense.
Recommended age: 13+

Watch the Book Trailer


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