Around the world in eighty days – Jules Verne

The year is 1872 in London, England, and it takes many months to travel around the world. Phileas Fogg makes headlines when makes a bet that he can make the trip in eighty days. Fogg bets half of his fortune, £20,000, and figures he will need the rest for his expenses… if he wins he breaks even, if he loses he loses everything.


2 Responses to “Around the world in eighty days – Jules Verne”

  1. HOU0012 Says:

    This book was amazing! the descriptive begining introducing the personal aspects of Phileas Fogg was well in depth and set the scene well. As he and Stuart travelled around the world from destination to destination, they were followed by certain villains, giving the sense of adventure and action a wide variety. The way the plot worked out was extremely good as phileas had to meet a certain deadline with the time interval from place to place. Phileas himself seems knowledgeable and extremely organised throughout the book, especially upon his introduction, keeping a complex clock in his house! I would reccomend this book for anyone who is looking for a story of adventure and excitement.

  2. Yang Says:

    This great read can and should be considered a classic. Written by the marvelous Jules Verne, it follows the adventurous Phileas Fogg and his assistant, Stuart. They make a bet to go around the world in 80 days and as it goes down to the wire the stakes rise to extreme heights.This is a book for all ages, preferably mature readers, who want a gripping adventure that goes all the way to the last page.

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