Lord of the flies – William Golding

What if a plane carrying a full load of school boys crashes on a deserted island with no adult survivors? What would happen to those boys? What would you expect to happen? As the boys splinter into factions, some behave peacefully and work together to maintain order and achieve common goals, while others rebel and seek only anarchy and violence. Some of the younger boys start to believe there is a ‘beast’ at the heart of the island and readers start to wonder if they will ever be saved. Golding presents us with a human struggle against the savage instinct—the impulse to seek brute power over others, act selfishly, scorn moral rules, and indulge in violence.


3 Responses to “Lord of the flies – William Golding”

  1. Grandpa Jeffery - 7D boiz! Says:

    This is actually a really great book. ‘Lord of the Flies’ takes a look on the structure of society in Britain and the children which are produced. The novel also incorporates the troubles of the past, WW2. There is always a constant sense of suspense as there is the looming trouble of being stuck…together…forever. Chances are lost, survival without reliance on each other is of highest importance. Society in the isolated cracks, and two factions are made, Jack’s kill the beast clan, and Ralph’s clan of order.

  2. Load It, Check It Says:

    This is a fascinating book. During my law degree I chose to write my dissertation on the comparisons between this and Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Both are concerned with lack of authority and what life woulf be like in a lawless world. Anyways, good post. The book explores so many different themes.

  3. Jonathan Says:

    ‘lord of the flies’ is a slightly disturbing book in the sense that it shows what happens to a society without adults. when the boys’ democracy slowly starts to crumble and their entire social structure collapses, the fact that there are no adults cause chaos.

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