Holes – Louis Sachar

Stanley’s family has been plagued with bad luck ever since his great great grandfather had a curse placed on him by a gypsy. And now Stanley is being sent to Camp Green Lake for a crime he didn’t commit. Why does the sinister warden make the boys dig holes in the dried up lake in the scorching sun? A mystery is unraveled connecting the past with the present. The suspense builds to a great ending.
Recommended age: 12+

Gable Hall

5 Responses to “Holes – Louis Sachar”

  1. rose Says:

    the book is very interesting and it turns from being bad to being really good. i think that it has a good story line and it is a very good read.

    • Hannah Says:

      I loved how there were two stories telling at the same time, and slowly, everything started to link together like a jigsaw puzzle

  2. David Says:

    Holes is a very interesting book with an interesting storyline, starting with a what seems to be a very simple story and case turning into a tale of mystery and going back into the past. Sachar has really taken thought into setting the characters out. I think that this book is very good book and people should definetely read it if they like a book thats a little different to normal.

  3. HOU0012 Says:

    I believe this book is extremely entertaining and for many reasons. The aspect of refering back to the past to strengthen the storyline is an interesting thing to incorporate. The storyline starts simple but builds up eventually as the main character is brought to a juvenile detention centre ( being dejected ) to gradually gaining respect from his peers and looking into the past, discovering more about his family. Each character is interesting and keeps the reader entertained at all times. The incredible detail into the past and the present such as the greenlake 110 years ago really assists the reader in fully understanding the storyline and makes it an extremely enjoyable read. This book can be for anyone who wants to see something new and entertaining.

  4. Loc Says:

    This book is a very interesting and fun book to read. each chapter is captavating and elegant to read. It has deep description and is an enjoyable book to read.

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