Twilight – Stephenie Meyer

When Bella Swan moves to gloomy Forks she is intrigued by the Cullen family, a family of vampires. The attraction between Bella and Edward Cullen is immediate and they fall in love. Their relationship is filled with danger as Edward struggles to resist Bella’s delectable smell. Then a greater threat arrives in the form of Hunter, a vampire not averse to feasting on humans. The suspense of this supernatural love story continues in ‘New moon’, ‘Eclipse’ and ‘Breaking dawn.’
Recommended age: 14+

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2 Responses to “Twilight – Stephenie Meyer”

  1. giselle Says:

    I love the twilight saga series!!
    they are fantastic

  2. Nikki Says:

    It is the best series I have ever read and my favourite book of all time is The Host by Stephenie Meyer as well.

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