Coraline – Neil Gaiman

When Coraline and her parents move to a big, old house, Coraline goes exploring. She finds a door that leads down a dark corridor to another house strangely similar to her own. Filled with wonderful toys and food it is at first enticing. But there’s also another mother and another father in this alternate world who look just like her own parents, except they have  shiny, black button eyes. They want Coraline to stay with them and be their little girl. They want to change her and never let her go. Coraline will have to fight with all her wits and courage if she is to save herself and return to her ordinary life. This is a chilling and haunting tale of an encounter with the sinister.
Recommended age: 11+

Neil Gaiman

One Response to “Coraline – Neil Gaiman”

  1. Jasmine C Says:

    Coraline is a good book because there is a lot of suspense. The emotion of fear is real and strong unlike some other scary books that are boring.

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