The fall of Reach (Halo series: 1) – Eric Nylund

In the 26th century, humankind has taken to the stars and is warring against powerful aliens. Humans fight using spaceships, nuclear weapons, and super-soldiers, code-named Spartans: people who have been transformed by science into stronger, faster, highly advanced warriors. Now, as the ferocious alien race, The Covenant advances, destroying planet after planet until it reaches the planet ‘Reach’, a handful of Spartans stand ready to wage ultimate war, led by the master chief as he strives to prevent the destruction of the human race.
This book is the prequel to the xbox game ‘halo’.
Recommended age: 13+

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One Response to “The fall of Reach (Halo series: 1) – Eric Nylund”

  1. Alex M Says:

    This is a great book. Fun to read and so much ACTION!

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