My swordhand is singing – Marcus Sedgwick

Set in the wintry forests of 17th-century Romania and drawing on the legends of Eastern Europe, this is a sinister tale of vampires and the undead. Peter and his father are woodcutters who have recently moved to the lonely village of Chust. Peter doesn’t understand why all his life they’ve moved from place to place, or why his father carries a long battered box everywhere they go, and why he is forbidden to know its mysterious contents. With the arrival of a band of gypsies Peter’s miserable life is transformed. For these travellers are Vampire Slayers who reveal that Chust is a dying community – where the dead come back to take revenge on the living. Amidst the terrifying events that follow in this gripping, gothic fantasy, the secrets of Peter’s father’s past are revealed.
Recommended age: 12+

Fantastic fiction

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