GemX – Nicky Singer

Maxo Strang is GemX, the most perfect human ever made. Top in social class, in looks, in intelligence . . . until the day he discovers a crack in his face. Terrified, Maxo begins a search for a cure. It is a search that takes him into the Dreggies’ world, where the unenhanced ‘naturals’ live amidst violence, poverty and ugliness. There, Maxo meets Gala and Stretch, and becomes caught up in the search for their father who ‘disappeared’ while volunteering for scientific research in the city. What none of them realises is that they are all pawns in a bigger game. The city’s Supreme Leader has plans – plans that will leave their lives hanging in the balance . . .

This intriguing vision of a dystopian future where genetic modifications are commonplace, questions what it is to be human.

Karin’s Book Nook

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