The Softwire (Virus on Orbis: 1) – PJ Haarsma

Twelve-year-old Johnny Turnbull (JT) is one of 200 parentless children on the spaceship Renaissance headed to the Rings of Orbis. On arrival the children are shocked to learn that they must work as slaves for aliens to repay their passage. When it is discovered that JT is a softwire, a human able to communicate telepathically with computers, he is both feared and wanted by different factions. But then the computer that runs the operations on Orbis 1 starts to malfunction and JT becomes the prime suspect. While fighting to stay alive JT must prove his innocence and solve the mystery of what threatens Orbis, before time runs out. This riveting, fast-paced, sci-fi adventure is the first in a quartet.

Fantasy book critic

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