Keeper – Mal Peet

This is the story of how a boy from a poor village on the edge of a South American rainforest grew up to become “El Gato” (The Cat), a famous goal keeper in a World Cup winning team. Of how as a young, gangly boy he got tired of sitting on the sidelines and so went off exploring in the rainforest where he came across a hidden soccer field. And of an apparition that appeared and over many months taught him to become the greatest goalkeeper ever known. Not just an enthralling soccer story, this is also a story about family, a ghost story, an environmental story and ultimately a mystery. Just who is the mysterious coach?


2 Responses to “Keeper – Mal Peet”

  1. J@(K Says:

    This book looks great!
    I am really into soccer so i definitely want to pick this book up and read it! 🙂

  2. Elisha Says:

    Keeper is an amazing book, that is set in an office where an interview takes place, about El Gato (the keeper) and his childhood, what he did and how he became who he is today.

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