The Sniper – James Riordan

Tania was 16 years old when the German army invaded the city of Stalingrad. The Russian people fought back in a battle that was seen as a turning point in the Second World War. Trained as a sniper Tania was recruited to shoot German officers. After witnessing the atrocities of war she became a hardened, highly efficient and ruthless sniper. This story, based on actual events and people, portrays the desperate struggle to survive in a time of horror, and the heroism of the legendary Stalingrad snipers.


3 Responses to “The Sniper – James Riordan”

  1. hugh Says:

    sounds like a really good book want to read it

  2. Richard Says:

    This book is cool

  3. Richard Says:

    This book sounds exciting i might read it

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