Nineteen eighty-four – George Orwell

“Big Brother is watching you” Oceania is a society constantly at war and one where privacy no longer exists, with telescreens, thoughtpolice, and junior spies monitoring your every action and thought. It is a world of inhumanity and despair, where personality is extinguished and mindless obedience to the Party is mandated. However, Winston longs for something more than the life of boredom, fear and control the Party offers, and in a seemingly small act of rebellion buys a journal to record his thoughts. Soon, he meets Julia and O’Brien who will change his life entirely.

The Mookes and the Gripes

3 Responses to “Nineteen eighty-four – George Orwell”

  1. Adam Paterson Says:

    Looks cool

  2. anonymous Says:

    A compelling book that has a much deeper meaning about life today. It is a very hard read and not one you should pick for relaxing. It is a great dystopia but there is an excessive amount of information that you do not need to know.

  3. somebody that i used to know Says:

    great comment annonomous

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