A Caribbean Mystery – Agatha Christie

There is no such thing as a holiday from crime for Miss Marple! Sent to recuperate on a Caribbean island, she is soon engrossed in a baffling mystery. Major Palgrave declares he saw a murderer once, but when he seems to have recognised the murderer on the island, he is quickly killed. Miss Marple uses her powers of deduction to work out the surprising guilty party.

Agatha Christie

One Response to “A Caribbean Mystery – Agatha Christie”

  1. Rotciv Says:

    This book was extremely suspenseful and the end was definitely unexpected. Agatha Christie is very skilled at giving false clues to throw you of track just when you think you know who did it. The main plot of the story is that: a crime has been committed on the island and the main character tries to find out who did it.

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