Dracula – Bram Stoker

The ultimate gothic masterpiece, this novel will send chills down your spine! Narrated through a series of letters and diary entries, the story is about a young lawyer sent to Transylvannia to assist a mysterious Count Dracula. Tall and thin, with blood red lips: our suspicions about the Count are first raised when he seems to have no reflection in a mirror and with his violent response to blood. Monstrous and ruthless, he becomes a terrifying danger to Jonathan and his loved ones. Forget ‘Twilight’, this is the original vampire tale.


4 Responses to “Dracula – Bram Stoker”

  1. Clairebear Says:

    This was a very interesting book with mystery and supsense. It had a variety of different languages from ‘Old English’ to the ones we use now, even though some of it was hard to understand. The novel had different people’s perspectives which were written in diaries. This is a great example of a good cliff-hanger book!

  2. Anne Onnymous Says:

    I enjoyed the book because of the mysteries of discovering the real personality of Count Dracula and the clues and strange happenings that allowed the protagonist to discover what he really was

  3. Piggy Says:

    This was a great book that I thoroughly enjoyed, well except for some of the scary bits, (the sisters), but was still a great read. I admired the way that it was in a some of them were in a diary form and some in letters. The way the story is presented is absolutely fabulous, revealing little at a time. Although some of the language wasn’t from our current “English language”. A great read overall! Especially if you like reading at Midnight!

  4. Bobbo Says:

    Dracula is a story the world-famous vampire. As people become fearful, they must survive the evil that is Dracula.

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