The lost hero – Rick Riordan

Only a few months after the excitment of ‘The Last Olympian’ ends, Jason wakes up – unexpectedly and without his memory – on a bus filled with kids who have problems: they’re from the Wilderness School and are headed into the Grand Canyon. His friends Piper and Leo are also with him, and adventure isn’t far behind! It begins with storm spirits attacking their bus and leads to criss-crossing across America to fulfil a seemingly impossible quest. You don’t need to have read the previous books to enjoy the fast-paced challenges facing these three demi-gods: by the sunset solstice in three days time they must rescue Hera or else Porphyrion will rise up to defeat Zeus…


5 Responses to “The lost hero – Rick Riordan”

  1. The Lumpy Space Princess Says:

    Best book I have read in quite a while. This action-packed story kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. As usual, Riordan uses the idea of greek mythology and demigods to this story but also adds the Roman sides of them in this one. The switching of perspectives of the main three characterswas probably the best part of the story as it showed the reader the different strengths, weaknesses and abilities of each of the demigods along with the problems they face on this exciting journey.

  2. Theresa Says:

    A very interesting and descriptive book writing from the perspective of three teenagers. I thought it was a very thrilling and gripping book.

  3. Lani Says:

    This is a thrilling action-packed novel with an interesting and engaging plot. A degree of comedy makes it an amazing and enjoyable read.

  4. Joel Says:

    very good book. always kept me entertained.

  5. Hannah Says:

    I loved the Percy Jackson series. When I heard there was another series coming out, I went ballistic. Now I am as obsessed as ever

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