The Iron King (The Iron Fey #1) – Julia Kagawa

The_Iron_KingA mixture of faery lore, magic, adventure and romance, this first novel in ‘The Iron Fey’ series follows what happens when Meghan Chase discovers her four-year-old brother is a changeling on her sixteenth birthday. But this is only the first in a series of revelations! Her best friend, Robbie, turns out to actually be Shakespeare’s mischevious Puck (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and he is her guardian as they travel into the faery world to save her young brother. Meghan also turns out to be the daughter of powerful King Oberon and is thus a princess in the Unseelie Court. However, Meghan and Puck underestimate the magical powers they will be faced with in their action-packed quest – powers that could destroy the entire magical world.

Gripped into books!

One Response to “The Iron King (The Iron Fey #1) – Julia Kagawa”

  1. Rhythm27 Says:

    Julie Kagawa’s Iron King is an interesting book with an unusual twist. Meghan Chase hated the ‘people’ who took her brother away form her. Meghan’s adventure through the faery courts bring truths about herself. She isn’t who she think she is anymore, leaving her to doubt everything (and everyone) she knew.

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