Touch of Power (Healer #1) – Maria V. Snyder

Touch of powerIt’s not safe to be a healer, but that’s precisely what Avry is and precisely why she has been in hiding for over two years. Living in a world where there are eleven types of power, Avry is part of the group (the healers) who are blamed for a plague which has wiped out many millions of people. Avry can’t completely curb her desire to help people though, and it’s when she heals a child that she is caught. Fortunately, or not, she is abducted before her execution and taken to help a plague-stricken prince. It is not an easy decision for Avry and on the dangerous journey across the mountains to his camp she must decide where her loyalties lie.

Maria V. Snyder

Hostage (Bodyguard #1) – Chris Bradford

BodyguardFourteen-year-old Connor Reeve is no ordinary teenager, he’s a bodyguard: trained in combat, surveillance, anti-ambush techniques and how to keep hostages alive. This time, though, the person he is assigned to protect does not have any idea of his skills. Alicia is the President’s daughter, and she does not want to be watched and looked after. So Connor is undercover, and facing his greatest challenge. If you like Alex Rider, you are likely to enjoy this novel too! Fast-paced and action packed, it is a great read for both boys and girls with its two fantastic main characters.


Shadows (The Rephaim #1) – P. Weston

ShadowsGritty and fast-paced, this Australian novel is packed full of action, with angels, demons and a protagonist with questions about her past. Gaby Winters is still recovering from the tragic accident a year earlier which killed her twin brother. Her dreams are littered with fights with demons, who look just like the new guy in town: Rafa. He claims to have been best friends with her brother, but Gaby has never met him. A fast-paced romance, this novel has proved very popular with fans of the paranormal genre.