Wool – Hugh Howey

woolThis is a great new series. The dystopia in which the characters live, an enormous underground silo, is an original premise and you really are gripped from the opening chapters. It has a complex and well-constructed plot line, which actually makes it difficult to predict what will happen next and there are a number of very unexpected twists. The community who lives in this underground silo have very strict rules, the most important of which limit hope for the individual: you cannot mention the outside or what happened to drive them into this silo life. At first I wondered why the author had included some of the earlier characters and plot points, but as you get further in you realise why. A very enjoyable read; I definitely want to read the rest of the trilogy!

One Response to “Wool – Hugh Howey”

  1. Someone Says:

    When I started this book I was instantly hooked. It is about the human race living in an underground silo where IT rules and the outside is forbidden. Wool has great description and detailed characters. I love this book!

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