You don’t even know – Sue Lawson

You don't evenAlex Hudson (about 16ys) is a water polo player, middle child in his family and the only family member he is close to is little sister, Mia. Alex has a difficult relationship with his Mum and a very bad relationship with his Dad –Alex and his father are very different people, the father openly favours the other son and so Alex feels his Dad hates him. Mia dies in a tragic accident which the family believes was a result of Alex’s negligence when in fact it was Alex’s brother, the favoured son, who was responsible for the negligence that resulted in Mia’s death.

The story switches between chapters describing events in Alex’s recent past and chapters set in hospital; the fact that he is there because of an accident is not made clear until almost the end so throughout the book the reader is left guessing. This format is easy to follow as the hospital chapters are easily obvious from the other chapters.