Add this book…

If your favourite book is missing or you have just read a new book that you think others would enjoy, let us know and we will add it to Balwyn Best Books.

22 Responses to “Add this book…”

  1. Isaac Says:

    I think that you should add “On The Blue Comet” by Rosemary Wells because I quite enjoyed it.

    Summary: It is a book about miniature trains, time travel and the great stock market crash.

    By the way…

    Just Ponies.

  2. Natasha Says:

    I really suggest the book “The Wolves of The Beyond.” It is a really nice series for anyone who likes wolves :D. It is also very interesting and has a lot of chapters. Definitely 10/10

  3. Lachie Says:

    I would recommend ‘The False Prince’. it is one of my favourite books and I would love others to read it. I hope everyone else loves it as much as me!

  4. SA Says:

    I would recommend the Brotherband Series because it is a nice collection of books that is very addictive.

  5. Peter Says:

    Can you get the rest of the Skulduggery Pleasant series because it is a very interesting series and I would love to continue reading the series.

  6. Abi Says:

    Sold by Patricia McCormick

  7. Thomas Says:

    I’m hoping that Chris Kuzneski books could be added to the library, such as ‘The Sign of the Cross’, ‘Einstein Pursuit’, ‘The Hunters’ etc as there seem to be none

  8. Yash Says:

    I think you should add The Hunger Games Catching Fire by Susan Collin and Trash by Andy Mulligan because they are very exhilarating with an intriguing story line.

  9. Tess Says:

    The sisterhood of Travelling Pants is a novel by Ann Brashares. It has very relatable characters, that have their ups and downs just like people in the real world. The book has a slight surreal feel to it.

  10. FIona Says:

    Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel is a very good book because it includes a wide range of genres such as drama and adventure. It also has a dramatic plot twist which changes the feeling of the reader. The book is relatable in some way because the main character loses something he slowly gets attached to.

  11. evelyn Says:

    A walk to remember -Nicholas Sparks
    This book has a good twist with the girl in the book (Jamie) is suddenly diagnosed with leukaemia. The book also has a good back story for one of the main characters, (Landon) because he changes his personality from a rebel to a sweetheart for a girl that he’s fallen in love with.

  12. evelyn Says:

    The hunger games: catching fire- Suzanne Collins
    This book has a good introduction and continues on from the previous book (Hunger games) and it gets straight into Katniss’ thoughts and what’s happened. The book has an original idea with districts and people fighting for their lives with started a trend for most books.

  13. Charlie Says:

    Pinocchio is a good book because it teaches you about the importance of honesty. I really recommend it and think that this book should be added.

  14. Zachary Says:

    Pennies For Hitler – Jackie French
    Following Georg as he travels really got me into this book, with getting to know him and slowly loving him more and more. Learning about his past really hooked me. Consistently, I really wanted to go and help him!

  15. Leonard Says:

    Abhorsen. By Garth NIx.
    I think ‘Abhorsen” is a pretty good book. This is because it is the last book of a sequel. It has action, a tiny bit of romance, it is dramatic, adventure and it is a fictional book. This book starts off a bit ahead in time after the book before it, which is ‘Lirael’. It shows people called Abhorsen who go in death to make sure dead spirits are kept in death for eternity. It also shows people called Clayr who have powers to look in the future. The main character’s name is Lirael and her companion is a dog called ‘The Disreputable Dog’. Lirael is on a journey to stop a dead spirit called ‘The Destroyer’, while an Abhorsen is somewhere else. Not able to stop this mysterious spirit. It made me wonder if Lirael was able to stop the being.

  16. Julia Sartorel Says:

    In Bloom by Matthew Crow.
    In Bloom is such a good book, Yet so painful and sad at the same time which makes it more interesting.

  17. Tim Says:

    Tom Clancy Debt of Honour
    It is very descriptive and it is very vivid
    It feels like your the character.

  18. Alex Says:

    Because of Winn-Dixie
    A relatable book, about a lower class family and a new girl fitting in.
    its not too predictable, and this book sucks you in.

  19. Nathan Says:

    Red Dog , Louis de Bernieres
    Red dog was an amazing story of an adventurous dog names Tally Ho, whose name later was changed to Red Dog during his venture into Western Australia. In this book we read the touching tale of Red Dogs numerous adventures and his search for his master, John. Red Dog is an amazing tale and reaches all those hearts who read it. This book is an excellent portrayal of Australian culture and is just an overall great book. I rate this book 4-8/10

  20. L.A.D Says:

    L.A.D: We think that Matilda, by Roald Dahl, is a very interesting and creative book. It has both mystery, adventure, and humour as well. It ends happily and we think that it should be added to the library.

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