Dracula – Bram Stoker

The ultimate gothic masterpiece, this novel will send chills down your spine! Narrated through a series of letters and diary entries, the story is about a young lawyer sent to Transylvannia to assist a mysterious Count Dracula. Tall and thin, with blood red lips: our suspicions about the Count are first raised when he seems to have no reflection in a mirror and with his violent response to blood. Monstrous and ruthless, he becomes a terrifying danger to Jonathan and his loved ones. Forget ‘Twilight’, this is the original vampire tale.


A Caribbean Mystery – Agatha Christie

There is no such thing as a holiday from crime for Miss Marple! Sent to recuperate on a Caribbean island, she is soon engrossed in a baffling mystery. Major Palgrave declares he saw a murderer once, but when he seems to have recognised the murderer on the island, he is quickly killed. Miss Marple uses her powers of deduction to work out the surprising guilty party.

Agatha Christie

The outsiders – S.E. Hinton

Quiet and shy Ponyboy lives with his two brothers Darry and Sodapop, after the deaths of their parents. They’re poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks, and they hang out with a gang called the ‘greasers’, whose enemies are the ‘socs’ – rich kids who beat up the greasers for entertainment. One night something goes terribly wrong in a fight and Ponyboy goes on the run to escape the police. Written by a seventeen year old, this is a powerful and moving novel about the importance of friendship and family.

Penguin Books

And then there were none – Agatha Christie

Bewildering and ingenious, this crime will keep you guessing until the very last death! Ten strangers are lured to an island by the mysterious U.N.Owen, their host who is no where to be found. In each of their rooms is a poem entitled ‘Ten Little Indians’ which tells the story of ten Indian boys who die in unusual fashions. At dinner on the first evening, a recorded message accuses each of the guests of having a secret. Stranded unexpectedly on the island, one by one the guests begin to disappear – with only the nursery rhyme left behind as a clue to their fate.

Becky’s Book Reviews

Nineteen eighty-four – George Orwell

“Big Brother is watching you” Oceania is a society constantly at war and one where privacy no longer exists, with telescreens, thoughtpolice, and junior spies monitoring your every action and thought. It is a world of inhumanity and despair, where personality is extinguished and mindless obedience to the Party is mandated. However, Winston longs for something more than the life of boredom, fear and control the Party offers, and in a seemingly small act of rebellion buys a journal to record his thoughts. Soon, he meets Julia and O’Brien who will change his life entirely.

The Mookes and the Gripes

Dune – Frank Herbert

This epic novel tells an exciting and elaborate tale about a desert planet called Arrakis, the only planet with supplies of ‘Melange’ – the spice which enables interstellar travel and grants psychic powers and long life. However, the intricate power struggle between House Atreides and their mortal enemies House Harkonnens pits the planet’s tough, fanatical desert men in a clash with the corrupt imperialist leaders. This classic, multi-award winning, science fiction novel is suspenseful and sparkles with imagination – if you like sci-fi, this is a must read.

My Kinda Sci-Fi

Animal Farm – George Orwell

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. This seemingly simple fable tells the story of what happens when a group of oppressed farm animals rebel against the human farmer, Mr Jones, driving him away. Although all the animals start out as equal, soon the pigs – the laziest and brightest of the animals – take over, ruling as dictators with propaganda and brainwashing.

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