On Two Feet and Wings – Abbas Kazerooni

on-two-feet-and-wingsjpgThis is the amazing true story of Abbas Kazerooni who grew up in Tehran at the time of the Iran Iraq war. When he was nine years old the age of recruitment into the army was reduced to ten. In an attempt to keep him safe his family sent him away. But events didn’t go to plan and Abbas found himself alone in the strange and frightening city of Istanbul. Unable to speak the language, Abbas had to learn to survive, to judge who was friend or enemy, while hoping for his dream visa to England.

Angus & Robertson

The maze runner – James Dashner

Thomas’ memory is a blank. He wakes up in a lift and all he can remember is his name. When the doors open he is in the Glade – a large open, expanse within stone walls. He is not alone, however: there are the rest of the ‘gladers’ – other boys just like him who don’t really understand how or why they got there. But every thirty days someone new arrives, and they all share the common goal of trying to understand the mystery of the maze that is locked and unlocked each day. But when the first ever girl is sent in, everyone is shocked and the stakes for survival are raised. Thomas needs to unlock the secrets of his mind if they are to escape.

The Star of Kazan – Eva Ibbotson

A delightful tale, the story focuses on Annika who was abandoned as an infant in early 20th century Vienna. Luckily adopted by two servants in a household of eccentric professors, she has a happy life although she still dreams about her mother coming to find her. Amongst her friends is the elderly woman next door who regals her with great tales, including of a Russian Count who gave her a legendary emerald: The Star of Kazan. One day, a glamourous stranger arrives and it turns out to be Annika’s mother – who whisks her away to live with her family in a crumbling castle. Nothing, however, is as it seems…

Fantastic Fiction

A ghost in my suitcase – Gabrielle Wang

Lost and insecure, Celeste goes on a sad mission to China: taking her mother’s ashes home. Staying with her grandmother, PorPor, she comes to learn much about her Chinese heritage and to feel loved again. However, she also learns about an unexpected family tradition: ghost hunting. Does she have the strength and courage to help her grandmother against their nemesis? A fast paced adventure which is easy to read.

Penguin Books

The life of a teenage body-snatcher – Doug McLeod

Thomas Timewell – sixteen and a gentleman – is just trying to do the right thing. His grandfather’s dying wish was to have his body left to science. He goes to the graveyard in the dark of night, to dig up the coffin and retrieve his grandfather’s body. Here he meets Plentitude – a resurrectionist, or ‘body snatcher’, who makes money selling corpses to medical researchers. Little does Thomas realise that just trying to do the right thing will lead to pursuit by cutt-throats, a mysterious tattooed gypsy and, even, the Grim Reaper. This macabre comedy – set in England in 1828 – is both bizarre and hilarious!

Z for Zachariah – Robert C. O’Brien

This is an incredibly engrossing, suspense filled, post-nuclear apocalyse narrative. Ann is all alone. Her family went off to investigate if there were any other survivors from the nuclear bombs, and never came back. Suddenly, one day, a strange man comes into the valley in which she lives; she hides out in a cave, excited but also scared – waiting and watching. Wondering if she can trust him. When he discovers she is there, it turns into a chilling battle of wills – between the two last people on Earth.

Open Library

The spying game – Pat Moon

Joe’s dad has recently died in a car crash, and when he sees the man who he thinks is guilty of his father’s death – evne though he was cleared in court – he enacts a secret revenge. He starts off by spying on Mr Moss but this soon shifts into acts of retribution – a scratch down the side of his car, anonymous hate mail and graffiti. In this engrossing novel, we see – though 12-year-old Joe’s loathing – the intense anger that can come with grief.

Fantastic Fiction