Cover Spin-offs

Hugely successful books like the Twilight saga will often lead to a run of similar covers as publishers try to cash-in on their popularity. Even classics of English literature were re-branded in the Twilight style. Wuthering Heights, the favourite book of Bella in Twilight, even includes the vampiric tagline: Love Never Dies.

Film / TV tie-ins

A book that has been made into a film or television series presents an opportunity for publishers to market the book to a new audience – people who will only read the book because of the film and people influenced by pictures of celebrities.

Do you like film tie-in covers? Do they change the way you think about the characters?

Judging a book by its cover 

Cover Updates

Photographs on covers

Cover Trends

Cover Spin-offs

Misleading Covers 

Quotes, Taglines, Technology

One book Many covers

More about covers

Cover Nominations

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