Misleading Covers

A great book cover can tempt you to read a book you wouldn’t normally read. A bad cover may stop you from reading a book you would enjoy. There are also some book covers that are misleading in that the cover doesn’t match the story.

In Heist society by Ally Carter the main character is a girl with short dark hair but the Australian edition features a girl with long blonde hair on the cover. The US edition is much closer to the mark.

There was much controversy over the cover for the book, Liar by Justine Larbalasteir, when it was first published in the US by Bloomsbury. It is a novel about a black girl with short, dark, curly hair but the cover featured a white girl with light, straight hair. It was later changed to reflect the narrator’s race after the author and the general public protested.

Do you think people of colour are under-represented on book covers?

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