More about covers

The making of a book cover
For an insight into the cover design process, watch this video of the steps a designer went through in designing a book cover. With time-lapse video more than six hours of work have been condensed down to two minutes.

The Season of Windblown Hair
A clever summary of book cover trends in 2010 written in the style of a fashion show review identifying the season’s hits on the catwalk.

Choose your flavor
A blog post by author Gayle Forman in which she compares the many different covers for her novel, If I stay.

Nancy Werlin – The anatomy of a book cover
Nancy Werlin describes the conversations she had with her editor during the cover design process for her book, Extraordinary.

Nancy Werlin’s Book cover galleries

The Wondrous Reads blog has a weekly post comparing the UK and US covers of popular young adult fiction.

Double dips, lookalikes & stock photos
Where the same photo is used on the covers of different books

Double dips  / Jacket Whys

Similar covers / She Reads and Reads

Lookalikes / Pop Culture Junkie

Judging a book by its cover

Cover Updates

Photographs on covers

Cover Trends

Cover Spin-offs

 Misleading Covers

Quotes, Taglines, Technology

One book Many covers

More about covers

Cover Nominations

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