The night Tolkien died – Nadia Wheatley

A collection of great short stories that is passionate and honest about adolescence, emotions and relationships.
Recommended age: 13+

Fantastic fiction

Fortune cookies – Christine Harris

A collection of short stories with characters from a variety of cultural backgrounds.
Recommended age: 13+

Christine Harris

Doomsday book – Connie Willis

In 2048 Kivrin, a history student, travels back in time to an English village in the 14th century. Kivrin is accidentally sent back not to 1320 but to 1348 – right into the path of the Black Death. Soon, the entire village lies dying from the horrible bubonic plague that ravaged Europe.

Meanwhile, back in the future, her rescuers in Oxford battle their own deadly epidemic while trying desperately to rescue her. Plague dominates both centuries as the tension builds in this gripping novel of suffering and hope in a stunning blend of science fiction and historical reconstruction.
Recommended age: 14+


Unique – Alison Allen-Gray

Dominic always thought he was the only child of his wealthy parents. That was until he found a photo of a brother who looked just like him. What is the secret surrounding his brother and why are people desperate to stop him finding out the truth? Set in the near future this is a gripping novel which explores the possibilities of genetic engineering and their effect on the individual.

Recommended age: 13+

Fantastic fiction

Bye, Beautiful – Julia Lawrinson

When Sandy’s father, a policeman, is transferred to a small town in W.A., Sandy knows she will never fit in. That is until she falls for Billy, the part-Aboriginal mechanic’s apprentice. But Billy’s not going to notice her, not after meeting her older sister, the beautiful and confident Marianne. Set in the 1960’s this is a story of secrets and heartbreak, of families and changing times.
Recommended age: 15+

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Gossip Girl series – Cecily Von Ziegesar

Enter the scandalous world of New York’s ‘Gossip Girl’, where everyone is beautiful, everything is fabulous, and jealousy and betrayal are everywhere you look.
Recommended age: 14+

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Eye to eye – Catherine Jinks

A clever story of what happens when a boy from a primitive society meets an almost-human computer on a crashed spaceship
Recommended age: 12+

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