The Alchemyst – Michael Scott

Nicholas Flamel, born in 1330 was the greatest Alchemyst of his day. Nicholas Flamel discovered the secret of eternal life. A secret he keeps hidden in the ‘Book of Abraham the Mage’. It’s the most powerful book of all time. In the wrong hands, it will destroy the world. That’s exactly what Dr. John Dee plans to do when he steals it. According to ancient prophecy, twins Sophie and Josh Newman are the only ones with the power to stop him and the Dark Elders. And so, the race is on.  
The first book in ‘The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel’ series, The Alchemyst introduces a wide-ranging group of historical figures who have achieved immortality and are engaged in a present-day struggle for the fate of the world.
Recommended age: 15+

Random House

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman

When “the man Jack” uses his razor-sharp knife to murder a family, a toddler slips away to a nearby graveyard. Adopted by the ghostly inhabitants, the child, Nobody Owens (Bod), grows up learning the tricks of the dead. His beloved guardian, Silas, who is neither living nor dead and has secrets of his own, gets Bod what he needs from the human world. There are dangers and adventures in the graveyard for Bod but the greater danger lies beyond the graveyard, as the man Jack continues to hunt for him.
Recommended age: 12+

Forbidden planet

Wings – Aprilynne Pike

Moving to a new town to begin High School is the first of many changes in the life of fifteen-year-old Laurel. Laurel has always been different but when a wing like blossom blooms on her back she begins to understand why. Laurel is a faerie and her journey of self-discovery is filled with magic and intrigue, romance and danger. Laurel is torn between love for her new friend David, and love for Tamini, her faerie guardian, protecting her from encroaching dark forces.
Recommended age: 12+


Mortal Engines – Philip Reeve

Imagine a futuristic world where whole cities are mobile and roam the devastated landscape looking for smaller cities to devour and recycle for scrap metal and fuel. This is the world of Tom Natsworthy, who with a cast of memorable characters becomes involved in an exciting and unpredictable adventure, leading to an explosive climax. This very original science fiction/fantasy has it all – murder, intrigue, war, betrayal, fear, courage, friendship and love.
Recommended age: 14+

Fantastic fiction

Looking for Alaska – John Green

Fascinated by the last words of famous people, 16-year-old Miles ‘Pudge’ Halter leaves his safe, boring life in search of the “Great Perhaps” at the Culver Creek boarding school. Here he makes friends whose lives are anything but safe and boring. And he meets Alaska – wild, unpredictable and beautiful – and falls instantly in love. But then tragedy strikes the close-knit group and everything changes. A moving story about friendship, love and life.
Recommended age: 15+

Fantastic fiction

Yankee Girl – Mary Ann Rodman

For Alice Ann Moxley moving from Chicago to Mississippi in 1964 is like moving to another country. Alice’s father is an FBI agent who has been sent to protect Civil Rights workers and black people enrolling to vote. Alice just wants to make friends. But at school she is the ‘Yankee Girl’ and when Valerie, one of the first black students to go to a white school, is enrolled in her class, Alice is torn between being friends with Valerie and fitting in with the rest of her classmates. This moving and disturbing novel offers an insight into a period of American history characterized by deep seated racism and violent protests.
Recommended age: 12+


100 Cupboards – N.D. Wilson

When Henry York goes to stay with relatives on their farm in Kansas, a mystery awaits him. One night he wakes up to find bits of plaster in his hair. Two knobs have broken through the wall above his bed and one of them is slowly turning. Henry scrapes the plaster off the wall and discovers cupboards of all different sizes and shapes. Through one he can hear the sound of falling rain. Through another he sees a glowing room–with a man pacing back and forth! Henry soon understands that these are not just cupboards, but portals to other worlds where wonderful but also terrifying things lie. This fantasy adventure is dark, suspenseful and filled with magic.
Recommended age: 11+